Our Mission StatementFront of school

Painted Rock Elementary School is a community of lifelong learners committed to high academic achievement and respect for all, in an environment that fosters responsibility, collaboration, communication and celebrations.   We maintain focus on ensuring the highest levels of success for each and every student, with commitment to RIGOR, RELEVANCE and RELATIONSHIP.


Organizational Directions

To ensure each student engages in a challenging 21st-Century learning experience and to provide College and Career Readiness. 

Preparing All Students to be College Ready

  • Painted Rock Staff support all students in becoming "College Ready" by:
    • Creating a school-wide focus on Rigor, Relevance and Relationships,
    • Providing differentiated instructional opportunities for all students,
    • Creating individualized student learning goals.

Closing the Achievement Gap for All Students

  • The Painted Rock Staff closely monitors the achievement of all students through the use of formative and summative assessments. This assessment data is used to identify areas of student need and to direct appropriate resources to them.

Personalizing Learning to Provide Multiple Pathways for Student Success

  • By analyzing student achievement data, the Painted Rock Staff identify grade level and individual areas of strength and need. Using this information, the staff utilizes a variety of academic approaches and techniques to meet the needs of all students.