Parking Information

Pick up, Drop off and Parking

We have created a drop off and pick up plan that will help to alleviate some of the congestion that usually happens on Martincoit in the mornings and afternoons. Please read below for the options for drop off and pick up for the school year. 

North Parking Lot Instructions:


When using the Horseshoe loop, please follow the flow of traffic from the arrows on the
above map.
  • When entering the loop, please be sure to pull up all the way to the end or up to the next car in the loop, so we can get as many cars as possible in the loop at one time.
  1. Be sure that your child is ready to exit the car when entering the loop. 
  2. Do they have their backpack and lunch near them?
  3. Do they know where their mask is?
  • Be sure to give all hugs prior to getting into the car each morning.
  • Students should be able to exit the car on their own. If they need help, then we will have some staff in the area to assist.
  • Students should exit and enter the car from the loading zone sidewalk and not into the side where cars are moving.

South Parking Lot Instructions: South-Parking-Lot-(1).png

  •  If you are entering the south lot to pick your child or park.  The yellow curb along the sidewalk is for drop-off and pick up only.  Please stay in your car and wait for your child to walk across the street towards your car.  When exiting the parking lot please follow the white arrows around the lot and exit the parking lot to head south on Martincoit road. This area can be used for both pick up and drop off.
  • If you are using the yellow loading zone in front of the ESS building, please remain in your car if you are waiting to pick up or drop off your child.  After either getting your child or dropping them off, please head north on Marintcoit road.


  • Please do not park or leave your vehicle for any reason in any of our drop zone areas.
  • Remind your child to walk along the marked safe paths to ensure that they get to and from school safely.
  • Please pull as far forward as you can to help more families access the drop off and pick up zones during peak hours
  • The North Parking lot across the street from the school is staff parking only at this time.
  • Main Gate will be open for all students to enter each morning starting at 8:20.