Parent Resources

Welcome to Painted Rock

Here at Painted Rock we are a community of lifelong learners, filled with diverse cultures from around the world.  We are a learning environment that welcomes and thrives from the ongoing support from our Painted Rock community.  You are now a valuable part of this community and we encourage you to get involved and experience all that it has to offer.

Here are tidbits of information to help you become familiar with the great Culture of Painted Rock!


It is our goal to keep our families well informed of school and class events.  Please be sure to update any changes to email, phone numbers, and/or addresses so we can contact you in the event of an illness or emergency and we can keep you up to date about what’s going on at school.
Panther Weekly - This is a weekly e-newsletter sent each Sunday evening from Mr.Gergurich.  Take the time to read this each week to see what’s coming up around the school and community.  
Phone Messages - At times, Mr.Gergurich will send phone messages to all our families highlighting important information.  We try to limit these phone calls to the most important issues, so we hope you’ll take the time to listen.  These are often linked to an email message, so if reading the information is more convenient, feel free to access the information that way instead.
Classroom Communications - Our teachers will share information with you in various ways.  All of our teachers use email as the primary communication tool, so be sure your child’s teacher has your current
email address.  Teachers’ email addresses can be found on our school webpage and will be shared with you at Back-to-School Night in the fall.  In addition to email, many teachers will print weekly or monthly newsletters highlighting important classroom happenings. 
Pictograph - Weekly e-newsletter published by the PTA  Contains important school announcements, activities and a calendar.  Pictographs are sent to your email address on file with PRES.
School Website/Calendar - We do our very best to keep our school’s webpage up to date and informative.  Please visit our webpage to access information about our school.  If you find incorrect or out of date information, please notify the school office so we can correct it quickly.  Click on the “Calendar” tab to access our Google Calendar school holidays and non-student days.
PeachJar - Found at is our online flyer distribution center.  Community groups such as Little League, Scouts, and Parks and Recreation post flyers of their events, try-outs, and camps here.  We also use this page to post flyers for school activities and after school enrichment programs.  Create an account at to have flyers sent directly to your email account.  You choose how often you receive these emails; weekly, daily, or every time a new flyer is posted.  You can also access this page through the PeachJar icon on the home webpage.

My Plan - Is a portal to important information and resources such as: daily student attendance, standardized test scores, Google Apps, and educational resources.  Parents are also able to use this portal to update personal information such as phone numbers and email addresses.  Each parent will be given his/her own username and password within a few weeks of the beginning of the school year.  If you need assistance with your MyPlan account, contact the help desk at [email protected].

PUSD Website - On the Poway Unified School District (PUSD) website at you’ll find information about a variety of district programs.  This is a great site for information about Preschool, ESS, GATE and other programs as well as PUSD School Board Meeting minutes and information. 

Getting To and From School

Please follow all traffic rules and have patience.
Walking to school - Many of our families are located close enough to Painted Rock to allow children to walk to school.  This is a great way to begin the day with a little exercise and fresh air.  Parents should walk with children or set up a “walking school bus” and cross only in designated crosswalks
Bike Policy - Students in 3rd through 5th grade may ride their bikes to school with parent permission.  Children must wear a helmet, provide a lock for the bicycle, and follow safety rules/laws.  A permission form, obtained from the office, must be completed and on file with the office for students who wish to ride their bikes to school.  Bikes must be walked once on school grounds.  No rollerblades, razors, scooters, or skateboards are allowed on campus.
Driving to school - We encourage parents to carpool to reduce the number of cars at school each day.  Please follow these rules (below and continued on the next page) to keep traffic moving and everyone safe.The “Bus Loop” is the horseshoe lot closest to the school building. This lot is closed for all traffic except school buses and handicapped drivers with placards. 
The “Main Parking Lots” are the large lot located across the street from the main school building.  They are referred to as the North and South Lot.  Please follow all the marked signs that direct you how to enter and exit the lot.    PLEASE REMEMBER TO DRIVE SLOW!

School Policies

Absences - Please call our “Absence Hot line”, available 24 hours a day, at (858) 487-1180 ext 4232 each day your child is absent from school.  Also, please call if your child will be late to school more than 30 minutes.
Illnesses - PUSD Guidelines state that your child must be free from fever, diarrhea and vomiting for 24 hours before returning to school. Students with Upper Respiratory Infections, persistent nasal discharge that is purulent or discolored, excessive coughing or appears to be too ill or uncomfortable to adequately function in classroom setting should stay home until there are no symptoms for 24 hours or a written doctor's medical release is obtained.
Medication at School - California State Laws permits prescription and non-prescription medications to be taken at school only with a written statement from a physician AND a written statement from the parents or guardian. The health office has a form available titled “Authorization for Medication Administration” Please review information provided on the district office website. Contact Luanne Hook with any questions. 858-487-1180 ext 4203.
Once students arrive at school, they may not leave the campus or playground during school hours without permission from the office. Students must be checked out in the office by a parent or guardian.
During school, students are asked to:
  • walk quietly through the halls so
  • not to disturb classes at work.
  • not to “cut-through” the library to come out another door.
  • not to bounce balls in the halls or against the walls of the school.

School Lunch - Students have time for a snack during their morning recess.  It is suggested that the snack be packed separately from the lunch.  School lunch may be brought from home or a lunch is provided to all students free of charge n the school cafeteria.  Menus can be found at  Lunch, which includes milk, is served daily in our cafeteria.  Juice and water bottles are available for an additional fee.  While all lunches are free, some families may still apply for the free and reduced lunch program.  Applications are available at or from the school office.

School/Playground Rules - Please review with your child the school the playground rules located in the back of the school handbook.  

Classroom Interruptions/Forgotten Items - To ensure that the focus is on the academic lessons, we ask your support in limiting the number of interruptions to the classroom. You can help by discussing alternate pick-up plans with your child for days you run late or when the weather is rainy.  In addition to avoiding phone calls during the school day, we ask that classroom visits be limited to times pre-arranged with the teacher. While our teachers love chatting with parents, it can be an interruption to teaching and a distraction to students. Our teachers will need lots of extra help throughout the school year, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to schedule time in the classroom.

Extended Absences - We hope you will schedule family trips around school vacations, but should there be a planned absence of five (5) consecutive days or more you may arrange for an Off Campus Independent Study (OCIS) contract for your child.  Please come to the school office as early as possible (at least 5 days in advance) to prepare an OCIS contract.  Your child’s teacher will provide the class work your child will miss while away from school.  The teacher will make every effort to make the work a relevant and valuable educational experience.  Covering a full day’s work while away from school is difficult, but covering a full week’s work is quite a challenge.  If your child completes all of the assignments, he/she will not be counted as absent and the school will receive ADA (Average Daily Attendance) funding.

Before and After School Supervision 

Before School Supervision - The playground opens to students in the morning beginning at 8:30 a.m.  No supervision will be provided before 8:30 a.m. so students should not arrive at school before this time.  Once students arrive, they may not leave unless a parent or other authorized person comes to the office to sign them out.  To ensure the safety of our children, you will be required to show identification when you pick up your child.
After School Supervision - After school, we ask parents/guardians to wait outside the school gates until the bell rings and the gates open. Parents/guardians should designate a specific place to meet their child Staff will supervise students waiting to be picked up for 20 minutes after the bell rings.  Please arrange with carpools, babysitters, etc. to have students picked up within that time as supervision is not available beyond 20 minutes.
*During the first 6 weeks of the school year during Kindergarten Introduction Days (release time of 1:00 p.m.), Kindergarten students will be led by their teachers to the front of the school.  
Extended Student Services (ESS) – Painted Rock provides an ESS program which is a fee-based before and after school childcare program.  ESS is open from 6:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.  All students planning to participate in ESS must be registered with our ESS staff.  Registration forms and detailed information are available at here or call our coordinator, Lauren Maestas at (858) 487-1437.